Aldridge Parish | Groups and Courses
The Anglican Parish of Aldridge, consisting of Aldridge Parish Church, St Thomas' Church, Tynings Lane Church and the Hothouse.
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Groups and Courses

Here’s an overview of some of the groups and courses that take place at St Thomas’ Church!
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The Freedom in Christ course

This generally runs once a year and is something we encourage every church member to experience. It is a potentially life-changing process that helps Christians understand who they really are, to live as if we really believed the things that we are supposed to believe and so be freed from unhelpful thinking or attitudes that we may have accumulated through life and so to be more fruitful as believers. This is a 13 week course that works by gradually relaying the correct foundations.

We are launching a new version aimed at 20s and 30s, called ‘Disciple’ that is the same teaching but in just 10 weeks. We will run this for under 45s in September 2016.

Julie Fuggle


Good News for You

Good News for You is the highly effective and simple outreach method that originated at St Thomas and is used around the country and beyond. It focuses on Jesus as the key to understanding the Christian faith and consists of a serious of six structured conversations in enquirers’ homes, looking at the evidence in the Bible and culminating in an opportunity to make a Christian commitment. A team of three church members would go to a couple or two would visit a single person.

Its advantages are that people are not expected to come to us but can stay in their own home, they do not need baby-sitters, the sessions can adapt to their schedule so they never need to miss one, there are no discussion questions so people can respond in their own way and talk about what they want to raise and helpfully, GNFY requires no training and can be organised as requested.

Julie Fuggle

Keith Capp


Freedom in Christ for Young People

Following on from the huge success of Freedom in Christ throughout the parish, St. Thomas’ will be running Freedom in Christ for Young People at “The Cell” starting in October 2016.

Freedom in Christ is a powerful and life-changing course, and is particularly useful for young people to do this course at a time when so many of the negative and problematic behaviours and worldviews that FIC aims to correct are still being formed and shaped.

Although the course will be run as part of St. Thomas’ youth cell, the group is open to all young people from across the Parish of Aldridge, and all are welcome to join, whether they usually attend St. T’s or not!

Luke Hughes-Bunger

07940 230 567