Aldridge Parish | Mission and Outreach
The Anglican Parish of Aldridge, consisting of Aldridge Parish Church, St Thomas' Church, Tynings Lane Church and the Hothouse.
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Mission and Outreach

As followers of Jesus, we’re called to reach out with His love to those who live close and far. Find out below about what we’re doing both locally and globally!
At Aldridge Parish Church our GLO (Global and Local Outreach) team oversee and coordinate our mission and outreach to both our local community, and the wider world, through our international partners.

You can now read our mission leaflet for 2017 and beyond, detailing all of our local and global missions work and outreach.

The leaflet can be downloaded here, as an Adobe PDF.

The information on our core interests—those who we support both financially, as well as generally—is also summarised below.

Local Outreach

As a church, we believe that it’s incredibly important to be rooted within our community of Aldridge. We encourage our members to be actively living for Jesus in their places of work, their schools and their homes, so that the light of Jesus might truly shine in Aldridge. We also hold twice yearly outreach events in Aldridge Shopping Centre, at Christmas and Easter, to show the people of our community that their local church is alive and active, and that Jesus has a plan for their lives. Take a look at some of the photos of our most recent outreach events in Aldridge.

The Hothouse

Aldridge Redhouse Estate

APC is financially committed to the work of the Hothouse and the Hothouse team – Pioneer Minister Rev. Jen Middleton, Aime Iddon their Community Worker, Rachel Ruane their children’s worker, together with the Trustees and volunteers. They are always glad for new volunteers, donors and importantly, prayer supporters.   

The original vision for the Hothouse was to be ‘a safe place for children and young people to meet, belong and discover the love of the Lord Jesus.’ Whilst that vision is still in place it has increased its range in seeking to care for the families, the vulnerable and the older people in the community. 

Global Outreach

Hilary & Reza Syaranamual

Working Overseas

Hilary and Reza are a couple who have been supported by APC over many years. They met and married overseas. Hilary was one of our members and went out as a single person doing translation work and lecturing in psychology and other subjects, which she continues to do along with teaching English. She is connected to with a number of different networks, including Dutch connections which help in their work.

Reza is a freelance ordained minister working with various groups and involved in teaching, training, pastoral care and music ministry. He supports former students and their families and he and Hilary provide counselling and advice in a variety of situations. They have a real love for the many different peoples in their mission field, working sensitively and discreetly with them.

They are involved in health projects for the poor, both locally and further afield. They support groups involved in music, photography and journalism as a means to reach people of other religious backgrounds.

As a couple they live very simply and are grateful for the regular support we give them. They enjoy the company of their two dogs and relax listening to music and watching films. Reza is a keen photographer and sells some of his pictures.

Due to security issues, we do not post Hilary & Reza’s contact details here. Please contact the office, and we will securely pass on any messages.

Paul and Cathy Middleton

South Africa

Paul  and  Cathy have a long history with APC, having been part of AYF in the 1970’s, and serving as Pathfinders and small group leaders. Soon after their marriage, they felt called to ministry, and  have  spent most of that  with  Mercy  Air/ASM, where they have served for the past 14 years.

Paul is a pilot, flight ops and safety  officer. Mercy Air provides a safe, reliable, cost  effective aviation service to the wider Christian  and development community and operates into  southern Africa but mainly Mozambique. Mercy  Air  uses  aircraft  to  facilitate  spiritual  and  physical  relief  by  collaborating  with  those  who  serve people in need.  

Cathy is a nurse/midwife and works with the Africa School of Missions in their fixed and mobile clinics. She is involved in local community and home based care and accompanies teams on Mercy Air medical outreaches. She is working to consolidate the new primary health care clinic in the community close to Mercy Air’s base in White River. 

They want to continue to develop relationships with mission organizations and would appreciate a team from APC going to work alongside them. News of them is available on Facebook and via their blog:

Operation South America (OSA)


OSA is a natural progression from a previous project, Project Paraguay, and continues our work and association with this area.

In 2001, five members of Aldridge Youth Fellowship went to South America with Phil Grainger (founder of OSA) who had worked in Paraguay to experience life in South America and undertake a short-term project, based on Christian principles.
OSA is run by a number of APC members who regularly take teams out to support the work of Osvaldo and Marie-Louisa Recalde with a focus on the girls accepted into El Puente Girls Home plus some support for the young people of Quyquyhó and the surrounding area.

Known locally as El Puente (The Bridge) this foster home provides a safe and loving environment for twenty girls aged 3-17 who have known the worst excesses of poverty and abuse. They are shown that they are loved and valued whilst being taught the responsibilities of Christian family life. The Paraguayan Ministry for Childhood and Adolescence has recognised the value of the work done with these girls and is portrayed nationally as an outstanding example.

Currently, new purpose-built homes are being built on OSA land, under the guidance of the Ministry, following recent changes in the legislation on childcare.
OSA are keen to have new team members who will travel out to Paraguay and need more donors.

Please read more on the OSA website:
Contact: [email protected]

Brian and Chris Clarke, KRASIF Aid


APC is financially supporting Brian & Chris who began mission work in 1989 as part of YWAM in Amsterdam working with vulnerable people in “Sin City.” Previously, Brian was a lawyer for 16 years. Back in the UK they headed the YWAM Family Ministry work for several years, before beginning involvement in Bulgaria in 1998. They were recruited by Saltmine Trust, in Dudley, to head up their Eastern Europe ministry in 2001. In late 2007 they began the formation of Krasif Aid. They are members of St. Thomas’ Church, which is Part of the Parish of Aldridge. They have an team of active volunteers, and Alan and Gillian Winser from APC regularly go out to Bulgaria with them. 

KRASIF is the Bulgarian word for Beautiful.

The need in Eastern Europe remains great and is only slowly changing for the better. 

The most vulnerable are still very much at risk and desperately poor. Many lack adequate health and social care. 

They work with a number of trusted partners and together their focus is to bring ‘Good News to Bulgaria’. APC now supports them as missionaries and has funded the translation of “Freedom in Christ” into Bulgarian.  

See the Krasif Aid website for full details of the projects – Hospice and Care Centre, Sheltered Homes, Work with Churches and local craft production. Consider going out with a team, fund raising or being a donor. 


Contact: [email protected] 

Other Mission Links

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