Aldridge Parish | APC – Children and Youth
The Anglican Parish of Aldridge, consisting of Aldridge Parish Church, St Thomas' Church, Tynings Lane Church and the Hothouse.
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APC – Children and Youth

There’s lots going on at Aldridge Parish Church for children and youth, both during the week and on Sundays – find out more below!

Key Contacts

Cooper & Jordan School's Worker

Rachel Butterfield

Little Fishes & Noah's Ark

Annette Cook


We take safeguarding very seriously here in the Parish of Aldridge.
  • To read more about our safeguarding policy, procedures and practice, click here
  • To apply for a DBS (a Disclosure and Barring Service form, formerly CRB), click here.
  • To view our Safe Recruitment guidance, click here.

Sunday Groups (Aldridge Church Centre)

The Zone

For Children from 0 to Those in Year 6

At Aldridge Parish Church, we have Sunday Groups for children up to year 6 as follows:


  • TotZone is for children aged up to 3
  • MiniZone is for children aged 3+, to the end of Reception
  • MidiZone is for children in Nursery or Year 1
  • KidZone for children in Years 2 and 3, and
  • MegaZone is for children in Years 4, 5 and 6.


We’re usually in church with the adults for the first 15 minutes or so of the morning service, and then parents and guardians take their children to their groups in the Church Centre. Our sessions last till 11.30 and we do a variety of Bible stories, crafts and other exciting Bible-related stuff! Come to church for 10am and follow the crowds down to the Centre to get involved!


Sunday Special

Usually on the First Sunday of Each Month

As well as our regular Sunday School groups, on the first Sunday of each month we have Sunday Special, from 10.00 to 11.30, lasting the whole duration of our morning service, where all children who are usually part of The Zone meet to worship and learn together, regardless of age. We have a short time together with parents until about 10.25 where we look at the theme for the week and sing together. Once the parents have gone back to church, we look at a theme from the Bible, watch DVD clips, do crafts, sing more worship songs and learn a memory verse. We’ve recently been thinking about God being Great in Creation, and God being Great because he knows all about me. It is a real blessing to see the value of children learning and worshipping together, regardless of age.


Andrew & Liz Sledge


For Young People in School Years 7 to 9

We have a longing that young people would come to know Jesus for themselves and would grow deep foundations upon which their faith can grow for the rest of their lives. On Sunday mornings, whilst our main service takes place in church, our young people, in school years 7 to 9, meet at our Church Centre to hang out, have fun but also to study the Bible and pray. If you’re in school years 7 to 9, or are a parent of a young person in those school years, we’d love you to come along! Contact Jonathan below to find out more.


Jonathan Swain

Study Group

Midweek Groups (Aldridge Church Centre)

Little Fishes

Aldridge Parish Church’s Professional Playgroup
Monday, Tuesday and Friday Mornings

Little Fishes Playgroup was established in 1996. The group takes place in the children’s room of the Church Centre on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Children from 2 – 4 years stay without their parents and are helped and encouraged to develop early years skills through play based learning. There is a maximum of 24 children per session. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework and the staff team is made up of two NNEBs and four teachers.


Little Fishes Playgroup is a fully inclusive group which aims to provide a safe, stimulating and happy environment where children can develop, learn and interact freely. We are a Christian group affiliated to Aldridge Parish Church and welcome all children regardless of race, culture, religion, gender or ability. Through the experiences and activities at Little Fishes we aim to enable every child to reach their full potential and we’re committed to working in partnership with parents and carers. Every child at Little Fishes matters and is special!


Annette Cook


Noah’s Ark

Aldridge Parish Church’s Toddler Group
Thursday Mornings

Noah’s Ark is Aldridge Parish Church’s group for those with babies and toddlers. We meet every Thursday morning in term time at the Church Centre, and like our playgroup, it’s been running since the 1990’s. Parents (and grandparents, child minders and carers) stay with their children and as the little ones play, the adults get the chance to meet and chat with others. Our Noah’s Ark sessions are very informal.  We start our morning using the hall set out with toys, activities and a craft table for the children to enjoy and a special area set out for babies. Later we move into the café area to share breakfast and then finish with a time of singing. We’re a Christian group affiliated to Aldridge Parish Church and welcome all families regardless of race, culture, religion, gender or ability. We meet from 9.30am until 11.15am, everyone is welcome to just turn up; there is no waiting list.


Annette Cook


For Children in School Years 5 & 6 (Every Other Thursday, 7pm-8pm)

Thursday 25th May 7-8pm
Thursday 8th June 7-8pm
Thursday 22nd June 7-8pm

At Cre8 we love to have fun! We meet every other Thursday evening to hang out together, play games and also to learn about Jesus. If you’re in school years 5 or 6, come along! We’d love you to join us!


Ruth Bryant


For Young People in School Years 7 & 8
Thursday Evenings, 7.00pm-8.00pm

Dynamic is a youth group for those in school years 7 and 8. We meet every Thursday evening at Aldridge Church Centre for some activities and games, and also to learn about Jesus. Every year, we have a weekend away where we get to spend more time hanging out and learning about the Bible. Contact Adam to find out more.


Adam Sawojka

Aldridge Youth Fellowship

For Young People in School Years 9 to 13
Friday Evenings, 8.00pm-10.00pm & Sunday Evenings, 8.15pm-9.30pm

Aldridge Youth Fellowship has existed for over 60 years and is a Christian youth group that attracts upwards to 100 teenagers on a Friday night from school years 9 to 13. Each Friday, we spend time socialising, as well as worshipping together and to hear a talk from one of our AYFers, and once or twice a term, we have an evening out, such as the ever popular Chips on the Chase! We go away together twice a year, firstly, for a weekend at the beginning of February half-term, and, secondly, for a week’s camp on the Gower in South Wales at the beginning of the summer holidays. Camp is the highlight of AYF’s year! It’s fun, but it’s also a time when AYFers often begin a relationship with God for themselves. On Sunday evenings, we meet at Aldridge Church Centre after our evening service for the After Café, a ‘going deeper’ group to help those who have begun a relationship with God to grow in their faith. Contact Maxine or check out our Facebook page or website to find out more!


Maxine Roberts